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Do You Want To Learn More About Verified Writers?

"In a world full of AI robots that can write as convincingly as human beings and at a time when political and corporate espionage overwhelmingly occurs online, it's increasingly important that we can verify that content published on the internet was written by genuine, accountable human beings, and not a software program on behalf of humans with nefarious intentions." - Verified Writers

Verified Writers is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide writers with Verified Writer Status (VWS) and also give them tools to flag and issue take-down notices through the platform if writing which they didn't produce is fraudulently attributed to them.

What is Verified Writer Status (VWS)?
The writers with VWS have confirmed their identity via Yoti. This is the same level of ID as a bank account, so we know they're real human beings.
The writers with VWS add links from their published work to their Verified Writers Profile and confirm they are the genuine writer of the work. They should also link to their profile in their byline.
The writers can flag work attributed to them fraudulently through the system and Verified Writers will issue notices to publishers to remove/amend/correct the fraudulent attributions.

In order to become a Verified Writer member (with a profile and VWS), writers would make an annual $30.00(+) donation.

All funds collected from user annual donations would be invested into three important causes.

Firstly, protecting the writer's intellectual property and ID (take down activity for fraudulent attributions/plagiarism litigation where necessary).

Secondly, combating robot-enabled fake news where it could have a negative social impact.

And, thirdly, contributions to The United Nations Convention For Climate Change Projects through UNFCCC.

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